Monday, 27 August 2012

Spring is in the air....

….how exciting!

Well, here we are in the last vestige of winter and already I am hearing from more people who are ready to put a spring back into their step…or, at least into their sex lives!

I’m sure many of us are fed up with wearing layers, ducking wind-swept laneways and putting up with extra chilly days, but if anything it’s encouraged me to focus more on my work and practice more of what I preach. Over the past month I’ve ramped up my reach; meeting with like-minded individuals, colleagues and clients to not only update my knowledge, but also to shout my message & ply my trade which is tantric sexual healing. I live and work with passion and enjoy spruiking how beneficial breath work & tantra is for the whole body, incorporating the mind & soul, encouraging connection with one’s heart which is equal to, if not parallel with, the expansion of one’s pleasure, and although I’m not one to ever prescribe to being an expert, nor do I ceremoniously conduct tacky testimonials, I am prompted however to share some inspiring feedback I received late last week from one lovely client I shall name as *Peter.

To give you a quick backstory within the equity of ethics, *Peter is in his early 60’s and has been married for 30 years. He came to me because he wants to expand his sexual, sensual experience – NOT to have sex. He was referred by a colleague and booked for a massage, and afterward we chatted, me offering Peter details on my website and tools to practice (homework is essential!) Peter came back again for a counselling session last week and we worked with certain issues pertaining to his own wellbeing; his marriage and sex life are great but he wants his wife to enjoy more! I have heard this before, and one thing I reiterate (especially of that era where mutual pleasuring can often become unspoken barriers), is that if it is making him anxious, along with other issues, then he needs to practice more self-care. This is not self-ish; it is a mindfulness. Peter is the one feeling unhappy whereas his wife is not unhappy. He cannot change this. He cannot force her to undertake tantric couple sessions if she is happy with what they share.

I gave Peter some more tools to practice and we chatted again, with this email below being the wonderful feedback I received. I want to share it with you because it makes my heart sing when I can witness growth and happiness for my clients.

This is what my work is about…and it gives me great pleasure (with Peter’s permission) to print his beautiful words here verbatim for you to read.

With love,



August 22, 2012

Dear Taryn

Thanks for the advice. The deep breathing when I feel anxious is making me aware of how many times that happens, but it is bringing all sorts of strange and unusual images and thoughts and feelings as well. This is a good thing. When I do the breathing well I feel so relaxed and good. I am saying the mantra to myself as I do the breathing, 'no anxiety only love.' I had a wonderfully relaxed hour with my mum yesterday, which was difficult because her hearing aide is broken but we managed. Previously I have just been seeing her from duty.

I wasn't sure if you were letting me go with your email about when I can receive what you are offering in a sacred way. But i just think you are giving me a challenge. An opportunity to delve into new, uncharted waters. So thanks again. You are helping me change my life, more effectively than all the other counsellors and therapists have in the past, because of touching and the intimacy created through bodywork as well as your insightful words.

I am going to start a journal where I jot down my thoughts and feelings daily. I will email it on to you a couple of days before I see you next, so I won't send these emails again for a while.

I hope Sydney shows its glorious beauty this weekend to you and that your life is heading where you want it too. We all have our different journeys to travel.

The joy of life to you,

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