Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Staying sexy & sacred

It’s all part of living a blissful life...

I had written a piece about my upcoming workshops and also was planning to announce my collaboration to launch a Diploma in Tantra and Sacred Sexuality on my new website, but as you can see this just didn’t happen! 

I’ve since learned from my publisher that apparently there was another secret password layered upon tarynharvey.com, even though I had successfully applied and gained ownership. One day I couldn’t get access, and that was 5 days ago!

This is incredibly synchronistic given it’s taken me a lot of time, money and trust in systems and the people who’ve been ‘encouraging’ me to evolve - to get my own ‘sexy back’ this year.

It did teach me a few things, however. 

One is this.... 

We NEED people. We need to understand that with people we form the most valuable of systems & that is - connection. 

When we connect face to face we build trust; we see and experience reliability. This is how we establish the very foundation upon which long lasting relationships find nourishment to survive and thrive.

So, people - note to self; we cannot fully reply upon systems.  

Okay, I’ve had my little rant...so what’s the flip side?

Well, I spent a lot of my days wandering around and re-connecting with people I care to talk to. The local college has been incredibly supportive over the years, and I popped in to chat. A week or so later, I popped back and hey presto - the new Diploma was born!

I am finalising the program this week but it is officially listed on their website...
please check it out, and if you have any questions feel free to give me a call!


Please click here to check them out.... stay posted for their announcement of an open night so you can come along to hear more about the course and meet me.